White Noise Baby Machine


The White Noise Baby Machine is a great product for parents who want to amplify their little one's sleep. It features 3 types of soothing sounds and has an adjustable volume output. With the push of a button, you can choose from white noise, brown noise, pink noise, and more!

The perfect way to create a soothing, relaxing environment for your baby. With the Rechargeable White Noise Sound Baby Machine and Natural Ambient Sounds with Mood Light, your baby can sleep better no matter where you are!


  • The White Noise Sound Machine provides 3 kinds of sounds including white noise, fan, and natural sounds to create a Calmer environment. The device's volume can be adjusted for convenience.
  • Give your baby a warm, comforting light to keep them company when they need it most. With 5 brightness levels and 7 color options, you're sure to find one that suits any mood!
  • The playback memory and timing function allow you to playback before or after a set time, with three options for an optimally silent night's rest.
  • Rechargeable and Portable: The 1200mAh large capacity lithium battery is portable and high capacity. The unit comes equipped with a USB cable that makes charging easy as pie (literally).

Benefits of White Noise Machines for Babies

White noise machines for babies are becoming more popular every year, especially with new moms who want to make sure their little one gets the best sleep. So why is white noise so effective?

To answer this question you have to understand how sound works. When there's a sudden loud sound it can startle an infant and cause them to wake up in fear.

The same thing can happen when they hear silence or just low sounds at night because of the lack of background noises that help lull them into relaxation mode before bedtime.

White noise helps cancel out all other unnecessary sounds so your baby sleeps better throughout the night without interruption from nearby neighbors, outside noises passing through open windows, etc…

The built-in timer makes it easy for you set the duration of the sounds.


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