What Is a Learning Tower and Why Your Kids Will Love It?

What Is a Learning Tower and Why Your Kids Will Love It?

Kids love to learn. They are curious, energetic and full of life. This is why it is important that they have a place to do their learning where they feel comfortable and secure. The Learning Tower allows children the freedom to explore at their own pace! It also helps them develop fine motor skills as well as social skills with other kids in the room. To find out more about this amazing product, read on below!

What is a learning tower? A Learning Tower is a safe, secure platform developed expressly to raise a kid to bench height so that they can connect with the world around them more effectively. 

We've all had the experience of a child screaming at us to get up while we're attempting to cook dinner. This adds unnecessary stress during dinnertime. Little People want to join in on your activities because they don't want to lose out on the excitement that's going on up there.

The Learning Tower, a Montessori-inspired artwork, attempts to link Little users to a previously hidden world - a whole new universe! 

You can keep them secure by placing them on a bench or a chair, but this is not a stress-free option. There are just too many parents who have had their children fall.  This is why the learning tower is a safe option. 

How can we use it?

  • The cooking area
  • Bathroom
  • Tables for dining
  • Garage workbench

Who can it be used by?

The Learning Tower provides a safe place to play and learn. It's perfect for any child who enjoys climbing, standing up on their own two feet, or getting into big boy/girl adventures!

The Slimline models are designed with safety in mind- even when they're used by adult-supervised individuals under close supervision of course!. The best part about this product? You'll get 10 months out of your purchase which can last through many years' worth of games (or other activities).

Some examples of use

  • Cleaning and cooking! Let them have a head start!
  • That said, while Montessori may consider children capable of participating in daily activities, it is not all terrible. They can assist with the cleaning of the kitchen, cook meals and clean up after themselves. This is something they adore doing.
  • If you'd rather have a one-man show, you may bring your one color or play-dough to keep you company. Children learn more from what they do than what you say. This allows them to observe you in the kitchen and enable them to become active participants in family dinners.
  • Brushing teeth and washing hands can be easily done with a learning tower.

Our Favorite Learning Tower-Inspired Toddler Hacks

  • Is your little one picky about what he or she eats? Invite them to participate in the cooking. Toddlers will be more inclined to consume new meals if they are involved with the preparation of them. Encourage them to stir, whisk, and chop.
  • Do you despise the high chair? Do you have a Little Person who despises sitting down to eat? Learning Towers provide a safe and secure alternative for every meal. We're sure they adore it. The freedom of movement in the Learning Tower is more appealing than being confined to a seat to those Little Big People with extra energy.
  • Are you having emotional meltdowns at night? Parents and small children can get quite passionate at the end of the day. This is also when we should be preparing dinner. It's difficult to keep the souffle from burning (*cough*) while your kid wants your complete attention. If they're inside your tower, your souffle won.
  • Is creating crafts stressful? Glue, glitter, and paint on your tiny fingers and fabric sofa, as well as the freshly painted walls, don't mix well. Place them next to the kitchen counter in the Learning Tower. Keep that mess (I mean "art") confined to a clean and organized environment. Your walls will be grateful for.

Cooking with them is just one of the many ways to enjoy a learning tower. There's much more to building your own child-friendly play structure than meets the eye. You'll love their new viewpoint, and you'll use it for a variety of activities every day. We enjoy reading about all of your little person escapades.

What is a Learning Tower? - FAQ

For what age is a learning tower?

The Learning Tower provides a stable, safe and adjustable platform that will help children from 18 months to six years old get involved in the action. Two of the four sides of the Learning Tower have foot holes so that your child can help themselves up or down as needed.

Do I really need a learning tower for my job?

An actual learning tower is essential if you want your toddler safe and able to stand at the counter with you while you cook or play while you cook. This is the most frequently used item in my kitchen.

Are learning Towers safe?

Are learning towers safe to use? Learning towers can be safely used because they were designed to be standing platforms that provide stability and safety. Most helper towers have safety rails to prevent your child falling. They are made of sturdy materials, have a stable base and are built with safety in mind.

When is Tower best to be stopped?

For children aged 2-6 years, learning towers can be a great option. Many parents use Montessori toddler towers at 18 months, depending on the child's size and developmental stage.

What is a Montessori Tower?

What is the Montessori Learning Tower? The Montessori Learning Tower is a piece that allows your child's height to reach the sink or kitchen counter.

Are kitchen helpers safe to work in the kitchen?

A kitchen helper tower, which is basically a safe stool for children under 18 months old, allows them to reach difficult-to-reach areas and the kitchen counters. They are a popular choice for Montessori families because they promote independence, accessibility, and freedom of movement.

What's the purpose of a Learning Tower

The Learning Tower is a secure, safe platform that allows children to reach bench height to better interact with the world around them.

For what age is the Montessori stool appropriate?

The helper tower can be used for approximately 18 months. This is the age that the manufacturer recommends. Most children can walk and stand on their own by this age. Some children may have it by 12 months. You should see your child and check out their abilities.

Are you looking for an adjustable learning tower?

It is important to have a learning tower that has an adjustable platform. This allows for a longer life span and gives your child extra security and support as they grow.

What height is a learning tower?

The large platform offers plenty of space for one to two children. The platform can be adjusted to four heights without the need for tools. (Level 1 : 10.59", Level 2: 13.19", Level 3: 15.79", Level 4: 18.39"). The tower has four-sided railings that provide security and allow for independence when climbing in and out.

Is the Learning Tower going to collapse?

Cons: Tower cannot be folded. Original isn't adjustable but they now have an adjustable option (see further).

What is a kitchen assistant?

In restaurants, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other places, kitchen helpers are responsible for various tasks. They are responsible for disposing of and replacing garbage bags, and storing food and supplies in accordance with food safety standards.

What does a toddler kitchen assistant do?

A kitchen helper is a broad-based stool that has firm feet and guard rails. It provides your child with a stable and safe way to stand at the counter. They are also known as a "child-safe stool", "kids kitchen step stool" or "learning tower". Montessori families love them because they encourage independence and inclusion.

Do you have a toddler tower that you require?

However, most children are ready to use a tower once they can stand straight and on their feet. Although many recommend that a kitchen helper be introduced at 18 months of age, it is not advisable to wait. As long as your child is well supervised (as they should at all ages), there is no reason for you to delay.

What age can toddlers use step stools?

What is the height of your child? Children from 10-12 months old (and younger) can use a stool to reach the counter, if it's tall enough. For safety, learning towers are a great choice for children this age.

How can I make my toddler tower secure?

You can add gripper pads to the bottom of the stool legs, and non-slip strips to the platform and tower steps if you want to prevent the stool moving. This will give little climbers more control. They keep the stool and her feet in their place.

What does a counter attendant do?

In cafeterias and snack bars, counter attendants serve food and take orders. They may make fountain specialties like milkshakes or ice cream sundaes, as well as filling cups with soda and coffee.

What does a trainee chef mean?

The first step towards becoming a chef de partie is to become a commis chef. These are junior chefs that learn from an experienced chef, such as a chef-de-partie, so they can better understand each station. A commis chef is a great starting point if you are looking for a higher-ranking position in a restaurant kitchen.

What qualifications are required to become a kitchen assistant

Although you don't need to be a chef to become a kitchen assistant, it is helpful to have some experience in the industry. You might also find courses in catering and hospitality at colleges that can help you get work experience.

Is the kitchen buddy a cook?

Easy folding and storage The lightweight stool makes it easy for your child or you to move around the kitchen.

How high should a child's step stool be?

The step stool measures 7 inches high, making it easy for toddlers to reach places adults consider normal. It measures 14 inches in width, making it ideal for toddlers who can't stand still. They can now help mommy in the kitchen, with plenty of space for their little feet.

What makes a tower sturdy?

What makes a tower sturdy? Stability is a structure that does not easily topple when it is acted upon by a load. A structure with a large base is less likely to topple.

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