Gifts For Second Babies: A Kiddy Guide

Gifts For Second Babies: A Kiddy Guide

It's common for first-time mothers to have a big baby shower and get gifts from their friends. When your friend gets pregnant for the second time, the tradition changes. It's not a bad thing-gifts for second babies can be just as nice and useful.

Though you might know the gender of an unborn baby, gifts for second-born babies can be unisex too. As a result, finding great gift ideas for a second baby can be a little more difficult.

You’re not the only one. Here are some unique gifts for second babies that you can use as inspiration to find the perfect gift for moms of two or more of your friends!

Gifts for second babies

1. Hand and footprint art

This is a unique way to preserve your child's handprints and footprints and put them on display. Parents can use paint, ink, or even just markers to put their little ones’ prints on an art canvas.

2. A photo frame with the names of siblings

This is suitable for toddlers and older kids who can handle sturdy picture frames. You can use a unique kind of marker or paint to make their handprints on the frame itself instead of using pictures. To make it more personal, you can customize the frame with their sibling’s name on it.

4. A poem book

If she likes to write down her thoughts, this is one of the gifts for second babies that mom will truly appreciate. Have a friend who’s into poetry? You can even use famous poems or verses and put them in an artful book. You can make it even more unique by giving her a personalized notebook with poems written in your own handwriting.

5. A personalized fleece blanket

Blankets are for kids who want to cuddle up in something warm after coming home from school. Use your creativity to design the front part with your friend's child's name or their favorite cartoon character. Then, when they're done playing on their tablet or watching TV, their new blanket will be waiting for them.

Gifts for second babies are gifts that are equally unique and special. You can find gifts that are more personalized to their personality, which will make the little ones feel even more valued.

6. Clothes

Clothes are gifts that are practical. They don't take up much space, plus they're useful for covering your child during winter, fall, and spring. You can choose colors and patterns according to your friend's child’s interests. If they like dinosaurs, for example, you can get them a T-shirt or sweatshirt with their favorite dinosaur on it.

7. A toy car

This is a great gift for older kids who love playing outside and going to the park with their parents. Your child can use it as a ride-on toy or even make it part of a small playset. It's also a good idea if you have several toddlers in your family since they might like racing their new toy and playing with siblings and cousins.

8. A personalized tee for growing toddlers

A personalized tee shows that you care about your gifts for second-born babies and how they feel wearing clothes that show that they're loved by their friends and family. You can customize the shirt with a photo, drawing, or even words to express your love.

9. A new stuffed toy

Stuffed toys are gifts that never go out of style, be it for first or second babies! And don't worry about gifts for second babies having a specific age. As long as your gifts for second-born babies aren't too old, they will still love cuddling with their favorite toy to sleep or play with you!

10. A new dress

Little girls will love gifts for second-born babies like dresses, especially if they're frilly and covered in glitter! If you know your gifts for second-born babies' size, you can even ask mom for measurements and then go shopping to find the perfect dress.

11. A board book

Gifts for second-born babies are gifts that are both fun and educational. Board books are great gifts for baby siblings because they're short, simple, and easy to understand. These gifts will help new additions learn the basics while having fun with the family!

Factors to consider when buying gifts for second babies


Whether gifts for second babies are gifts for a firstborn child or gifts from the siblings, gifts should be affordable. You don't have to spend a lot of money on gifts for second-born babies.


Gifts for second babies vary depending on the age of your gifts for second-born children. If they're very young, you can give them something simple like a dress or a stuffed toy. You can even make clothes from scratch or buy fabric and make gifts for second babies yourself.

If your gifts for second-born children are a bit older, you can focus on gifts that are more educational, like books or board games. They're gifts that will help your gifts for second-born children grow into well-rounded individuals!


Gifts for firstborn kids often revolve around gifts that show how much you care about them. But gifts for second-born children can be gifts that revolve around your gifts for second babies' personalities and interests.

You can find gifts based on their favorite cartoon character or even a video game franchise! You can even customize some gifts, including ones from clothing stores where you pick out gifts for second-born children's favorite colors and characters.

Final thoughts

As long as you consider your gifts for second-born babies' age, personality, and interests when buying gifts for them, they'll love whatever present you give them. Just remember that because your older sibling has only one child doesn't mean that there's no room for gifts for second-born children! You can still give gifts that show how much you love and care about second-born babies.

And as long as gifts for second-born children know that they're loved, they'll grow up happy and healthy—just like first-born kids.

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