Gift Hunting: The Best Toys For A 2 Month Old Baby

Gift Hunting: The Best Toys For A 2 Month Old Baby

If you have a new baby at home, toys should be high on your list of things to shop for. The toys that you choose will shape their minds and give them something positive to focus on as they grow. For a two-month-old, toys should be light and easy to hold, make sounds, or indulge in other quiet play activities. It's also a great idea to start now building up a collection of toys, as babies love to have choices and toys are very much looked forward to as part of their daily routine.

Toys for a 2-month-old baby

Wooden Lacing Toys

Wooden toys have been a favorite with babies for generations, and they're still going strong. A simple wooden alphabet lacing toy is a great choice as it's easy to use and displays different letters on either side of the board. This will encourage your little one to reach out while still being safe in their high chair or playpen.

High-quality animals

A stuffed animal is always a hit with babies. If you want to give them a gift that they'll remember for a long time, be careful. A well-made wooden animal is a good choice. They also last a long time and will keep you having fun for a long time. Look for toys that have been made with non-toxic finishes and don't have parts that could be dangerous for a child to eat.

Clock toys

Clock toys are always a great choice as they encourage learning from an early age. Many toys use sounds, lights, or other mechanisms to imitate the activities that your baby sees around them in their day-to-day life, such as pressing the buttons on a phone. While toys are great, don't forget that your baby also loves spending time with you playing and talking. So be sure to include plenty of opportunities for these sorts of quiet interactions too.

Rainbow Stackers

A simple rainbow stacker would make an ideal toy for a baby around the age of 2 months. They love toys that they can hold in their hands and play with, toys that are easy to grab when reaching out, toys that make sounds or produce interesting colors, like this well-made wooden stacking toy.

One-sided toys

For a two-month-old, toys don't have to involve a lot of play. In fact, toys that can be used on one side or surface will provide more than enough stimulation as they learn how different objects work and feel. A good example is this set of toys that sticks to the floor with suction cups. These toys are great for developing motor skills, but they're also easy to play with while sitting in a high chair.

Push toys

Push toys are always a great choice if you want toys that will encourage your baby to stand up and move around. There are toys that can be pushed along the floor and ones that move when you push a button. None of them are the same. There is a good example of this in this colorful and wacky little person on a bike. A shovel and a rake can be used on the track.

Soft toys

If you're looking for toys to give to your baby during bedtime or quiet playtimes, then look no further than soft toys. These toys are almost always suitable from birth, and they provide babies with comfort and security. Make sure to look for toys that have been made with high-quality materials. Avoid toys with small parts, because these can be dangerous.

Things to consider when buying toys for a 2-month-old baby


This is an important consideration when buying toys for babies. When it comes to toys for kids, they should meet ASTM F963-96a standards. During your baby's first days of teething, toys with teething rings or surfaces that can be chewed on will help soothe them. This will make them feel better.


Price can be a difficult factor to consider when toys are bought for babies. If you buy toys that don't last, they might need replacing within a few months and will quickly add up in cost.


Make sure that the toys you buy your child are high-quality, safe, and easy to play with. As children age, they become more able to interact with toys, and it's important to be aware of the toys that will suit them at different stages.

Educational toys

Toys that encourage your baby to explore the world around them help with their development. When your child is young, there are toys that can help him or her reach important milestones. There are many toys that help them learn new things. Look for toys that your baby can play with and toys that they can learn from.

Developmental toys

For a 2-month old, toys should encourage movement and develop their fine motor skills. Babies can be put in high chairs with toys that are only on one side or that stick to the ground. Push toys provide an early form of physical activity, while plush toys are good for safe cuddling. Soft toys are good for bedtime or quiet play periods.


In order for toys to last, they should be made of strong materials and be passed down from child to child. To get the most out of your toys, toys should be able to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear and should also be easy to store when not in use.

Final thoughts

Babies love toys.  You should always check that the toys that you buy are safe before giving them to your child. If there are any signs of damage, such as loose parts or toys with small parts that aren't safe for kids, they should not be used. When babies reach the age of around 2 months old, they will enjoy toys more than ever. So start building up your collection now and don't forget to pick toys that are suitable for sitting in a high chair or playpen.

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