Gift Guide: The Best Montessori Toys For A 1-Year-Old

Gift Guide: The Best Montessori Toys For A 1-Year-Old

These are some of the Montessori materials and toys that our kids have liked and that we think are good for them to learn about. Even if you live a simple life and only need one or two things to help your baby or toddler grow, I'm sure you'll find great things to play with at this store. Montessori toys for one-year-olds may seem hard at first, but having a lot of tools that help with different skills is a good place to start.

The Best Montessori Toys for a 1-Year-Old 

Montessori Inspired All Natural Wooden Baby Development and Discovery Set

This wooden set comes with four wooden trays for babies who are always curious. There is a lot of room for curiosity, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills in this game. In addition, there is a growth chart and a picture frame. This is a great Montessori gift for one-year-olds that will help them learn through exploring without requiring too much input from their parents. I've noticed that children who explore this set by themselves get more out of it than when we explain to them what they should do with each piece, even though we've played with them ourselves.

Natural Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity

This is a great toy for babies because it is both a rattle and a teether. Because the beads are small, babies can hold the toy while they rattle the beads. In addition, it keeps them busy by letting them practice their hand-eye coordination.

Musical Instruments 

Start with these musical instruments that are safe for babies. It is easy for small hands to hold them. Music has been shown to help kids' brains grow. Babies and toddlers who listen to music every day have a better understanding of how different instruments should sound. They also develop more sensitive hearing because they are exposed to such rich auditory stimuli. Of course, if you want them to play the drums, then go ahead and get that for them too!

Baby Key Rattle

This vibrating rattle is great for babies who are beginning to develop their hand-eye coordination. Its bright colors are attractive to young children, and the easy-grip keeps them interested in playing with it even when they shake it off to explore other times.

Toddler Animal Toys

Our baby's favorite toy was these friendly stuffed animals that make cute sounds when you squeeze them. She would laugh and laugh whenever she squeezed them or they squeaked, so this is a good toy to have around the house whether you are home or not.

Baby Gym Mat

We got our baby this gym mat early on because it has soft arches that are easy for her to explore with her feet. We keep this under the couch so that she can explore it while we play with her, and so that we can pull it out when she gets fussy and needs to play in a bigger space.

Montessori Shape Puzzle

Shape puzzles are great for teaching children what different shapes look like. Kids become more familiar with the real world as they learn that these particular shapes fit into certain slots.

Wooden Stacking Toy

This stacker toy has been on our baby's shelf since she was about three months old. She will be turning one soon, and it is still one of her favorite toys. It is easy for little hands to grip, and it's great for coordination as she learns how to pick up objects with different shapes.

Organic Baby Toy

This is a great organic toy for babies. It's made from soft, safe materials. I like that it doesn't have any parts that can come off and get lost because then we would just have to keep buying replacements!

Classic Bead Maze

The bead maze has been around since my college days in the eighties, but our baby still loves to play with it. It's a great thing for kids to practice with, especially because the beads are easy enough for them to grasp between their fingers.

Favorite Musical Activity Toy

This is one of our favorite musical toys around here. The baby's always approved, and she has even started trying dancing along with it when it's playing. It is great for babies who are just beginning to learn how to move.

Classic Stacking Toy

We got this stacking toy when the baby was about four months old, and she's loved it ever since. It helps develop fine motor skills as children stack the rings onto the stick. The colors of each ring are bright, so even young infants are drawn to the toy.

Baby's First Blocks Set

These blocks are not only fun for the baby to play with, but they're great for her to stack and knockdown as well. This is especially important because it prepares them for when they learn how to stand up and walk, which will happen sooner rather than later!

Wooden Pop Up Toy

This is a great toy for babies because it has never frustrated them as they try to figure out how to make the little trees pop. But it also doesn't frustrate me if we leave it on the floor and she knocks it over, which happens all too often.

Montessori Push and Pull Toy

This push and pull toy has been a staple of our baby's toys for months. It helps her fine-tune finger and hand movements as she learns how to pull the cart so that it makes noise, and then push it so that it doesn't.

Classic Wooden Ball Set

Balls are great toys for babies because they're safe and easy for them to grasp. We started out giving our baby one ball at a time to play with, but now she uses them all at once. I think this is great for creativity because it encourages her to make up games involving all of the balls!

Final thoughts

Interestingly enough, many of these best montessori toys for one-year-olds are also good for babies who are zero or six months old. Because the best Montessori toys are good for different developmental stages, they lend themselves to being used by several children in your family.

We hope this Montessori toy guide has been helpful, and that you'll enjoy using these materials with your baby. If you want more ideas on what to buy for a one-year-old Montessori kid.

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