10 Thoughtful Gifts For Mums With Toddlers

10 Thoughtful Gifts For Mums With Toddlers

Gifts for mums will always be appreciated no matter what stage in life you're at. From gifts for expecting mothers to gifts for moms with toddlers, we've got you covered. When it comes to gifts for mom, there is a lot of pressure out there, and it all depends on the mother and her situation as to whether or not she will like your gift.

There are gifts for new mums, gifts for step-moms, gifts that are just downright silly.  Be sure to think about the mother's personality, kids, and interests when you're out looking for gifts!

Gifts for mums with toddlers

1. Useful kitchen gadgets

Give her gifts for the kitchen. Things that will make it easier for her to do household chores.  Think about giving things like a magnetic knife strip or a couple of hooks for utensils. She'll love how much more spacious and organized her kitchen is!

2. Perfect shoes

Everyone loves new shoes, and moms with toddlers definitely deserve to be pampered.  Help her break in some great-looking boots or help her stay stylish during the summer months by getting her a pair of sandals. Everyone loves gifts for moms, especially when it means they can replace their old pair of sneakers with a brand new set that will keep the kids happy during playtime!  Look for gifts like plush slippers or comfy ballet flats to help her stay comfortable but put together around the house.

3. New bedding

Give her a break from cooking, cleaning, and chasing children all day by making her bed extra cozy. A new down comforter or an amazing set of silk sheets will have her looking forward to going home at the end of a long day. Just make sure that it will be her style. 

4. Spa gift certificates

A new mom is exhausted, so why not give her a night off?  Get your mom gifts that will have her dreaming of relaxing on a beach somewhere.  Find gifts that mimic a spa-like setting, like a foot scrub and lotion set, a scented candle, or a decadent chocolate collection. This is one gift that every mom can use. Help her relax in the tub with a luxurious bath set or help her get salon-ready by getting her gift certificates for manicures and pedicures.

5. Pretty Clothes

For those who are looking for gifts for mothers day, new clothes can be a thoughtful gift.  Make sure to consider things that are comfortable, functional, and stylish before heading out to buy gifts for moms. New lounge clothes or workout gear will definitely get plenty of use.

6. Family gifts

This is one of the most thoughtful gifts for moms with toddlers because you'll be giving gifts to help out their entire family! If she has a baby, get gifts that will help her care for him.  If she has a toddler, consider gifts for him as well. Look for gifts that encourage bonding and family time, like books or games. This will be a nice thing for the family to have quality time. 

7. Bag 

This is one of the gifts for mom that you can put together in no time. A perfect bag that is useful on her everyday errands or a stylish bag if she will go out. Nothing can beat a pretty bag that suits the style of that wonderful person. 

8. A new wallet

We all need gifts for moms, but let's be honest, some gifts are just gifts you get for yourself.  Get her something that she will use every day and help her look even more stylish while doing it!   A new wallet is one gift that every woman can get behind. Wallets are very important to everyone especially to moms out there. 

9. Jewelry gifts

Jewelry gifts are some of the gifts for wives that are always appreciated.  Try gifts like earrings, pendants, or bracelets. A mom with toddlers can always use gifts that accent her wardrobe and will look great for a night out on the town.

10. Craft supplies

Is your mom one of those artsy types?  If so, gifts for mothers are gifts that are bound to make her smile.  Materials like yarn or paints can give her something new to work with after she's had a long day with the kids. It will be very nice to have her enjoy some hobbies after a long day. 

Things to consider before buying gifts for moms with toddlers


Price is always a consideration for gifts, but you want to make sure that your gifts are still thoughtful.  Gifts around the price range of $30 - $60 are usually gifts that will be well-received, especially gifts for moms with toddlers.

Duration of use

Think about how long she'll have this gift before it breaks or becomes too small to wear.  If you spend a lot of money on gifts, make sure that they are gifts that she will use for a long time and gifts that she can pass down to her children in the future.


If your gifts have meaning behind them, even if they're gifts just for yourself, your mom will be much happier with the gifts that you give her this year.  Think about gifts that, even if they aren't a huge thing, show that you truly care and think about your mom every day.


If you know your mom well, gifts for mothers of all ages will be easy!  Think about the things that she likes to do and gifts that show her personality.   Is she a practical woman?  Get gifts for her that will make her life easier.

Final thoughts

Give your mother and mother-in-law the ultimate gift by getting them something that shows how much you appreciate all of their hard work. Think about this before deciding on gifts to give. Just make sure that gifts for moms with toddlers will be great because they deserve it.

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